A Blind Man’s Performance Brings One Judge To Tears On “The Voice”

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The Voice South Africa has some serious talent roll through their stage doors and Vernon Barnard is one talent that certainly left a great impression on not only the judges of the show, but the world.

Vernon, wowed judges with his performance of One Direction’s ‘Story Of My Life’ and he is one inspirational man. Vernon suffered from Glaucoma from a very early age which saw him going under the knife over 15 times as a young child before losing his sight at six. Vernon, however, wanted to inspire people despite his illness and disability and he has definitely done so.

Bobby Van Jaarsveld, the judge who turned around first, instantly burst into tears when he realized that Vernon was blind. Although Karen and Lira also turned (and also turned on the waterworks), Bobby felt a calling towards Vernon and literally got down on his knees begging him to be on his team and to be his friend.

Check out Vernon’s incredible performance below :


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