Living In A Converted Gas Station Is Surprisingly Very Cool!

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Imagine being a young kid and having your dad ask the question ‘how do you feel about living in a gas station?’. A rather strange questions right? Well that exact question was asked to Robert Guthrie’s son while they were living in New Orleans.

Robert Guthrie is a very talented artists and as with most artists, they have huge visions and often do some pretty wile, out-of-the-box things…like buy a gas station.

Guthrie bought the old Sinclair gas station before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. While it sustained some damage during the storm, he was determined to fix it up and turn it into a home that he and his son would be proud to live in. A watercolor painter by trade, Guthrie viewed the gas station as his “biggest art project,” allowing him to “incorporate items of cars and gasoline.”

Sadly, Robert Guthrie passed away in 2014. His gas station home still stands today as a monument to his uncanny ability to see beauty in the most unlikely places. Kathy Schorr, Guthrie’s long-time partner, said in an interview with the Times-Picayune that, “it was his heart and soul in there.” A beloved and dearly missed member of the New Orleans art scene, Guthrie’s heart and soul will live on for many years to come.

Check out the gas station in all its glory below, it truly is very, very cool!


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