Bodybuilder Who Married S** Doll Says She’s ‘Tragically’ Broken

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Imagine marrying a sex doll and the entire world knowing it. Now, imagine telling the world that your sex doll wife — is broken.

A while back, Yuri Tolchko, from Kazakhstan, announced that he was going to marry his beloved sex doll, After dating her for nearly two years. However, just a few days before this past Christmas — his ‘wife’ — broke.

This would be the unique couple’s first holiday together and the fact that they couldn’t be together is beyond believable for Yuri.


The pair met in 2018, where Yuri introduced Margo to the world. From clicks and videos to his personal statements too, this man was on a mission. And that revolved around tying the knot with his silicone lover.

After spending almost 2 years together, he popped the question of marriage in 2019. However, due to the pandemic, their wedding was delayed. While the struggle and criticism surrounded the pair from around the globe, that didn’t stop this bodybuilder from making his dreams come true.

Despite the long struggle, he married Margo in November.

Since the wedding, people have often wondered how the marriage is going. And now there is an answer (to that very important question – sarcasm).

He confirmed how his sex doll wife, Margo, is broke. In addition, he explained the sheer amount of grief that this news brings forward in his life. But if you think this loyal husband is going to back down, think again.

While it might not be the way he imagined his holiday, Yuri explains how Margo is undergoing repair. He also added how his wife is going through so much. And for that reason, he can’t wait to reunite with her and celebrate more festivities soon.

“It will be a gift for both of us,” he explained. As far as the reason for her mysterious breakdown is concerned, there’s still no news on that. However, Yuri did reveal how this is the second time that she’s going under the knife.

The first time is when he took her to a private clinic because he felt she needed plastic surgery. We can only imagine how the doctors reacted to his command. And now, she needs further repair because she is broken.