Woman With Just $50 In Her Bank Account Becomes Millionaire – Briefly – After Bank Mistake

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million dollar bank mistake

Ellen Flemming

It’s true what they say, as soon as you get money, it’s gone!

That was exactly the case for 26-year-old Boston resident Ellen Fleming recently.

Fleming received a phone call from a TD Ameritrade financial consultant Wednesday afternoon confirming that $1.1 million had been deposited in her account.

Sure enough, Fleming opened her account and much to her surprise, the account that once held just $50, had over $1.1 million in it.

The next day, after speaking with her mother, Fleming called the consultant back to report the error.

The consultant had made a very big mistake and simply deposited the money into the wrong Ellen Flemming’s account.


After that phone call, the money was quickly removed from the first Ellen’s account and transferred to the correct Ellen’s account.

At least the first Ellen was able to feel wealthy for a little bit!