Costco Members Are Not Pleased With The Removal Of The Polish Wiener

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Costco removes polish hot dog

Fans of the Costco polish hot dog took to social media recently in order to save the wiener from extinction.

People are clearly upset that the retail chain has rid their stores of the Polish delight…but they appear to be even angrier at what Costco has decided to replace it with.

I have to agree with Marlins Dan…no one has ever chose an acai bowl over a delicious wiener.

Those in California are so upset by the brand’s decision, that someone started a petition to keep the Polish dog on the menu.

“The Polish Dog was always a personal favorite of mine and has been a staple on the menu and taking off the menu leaves a void that can not be replaced,” the petition said.

Costco will be keeping some sort of processed meat item on the menu however, a sausage sandwich…but it’s clearly not the same as the Polish wonder.