Woman Buys Fish From Costco And Finds Live Worm…And She Wasn’t The Only One!

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worm Costco fish

Well if this video doesn’t turn your stomach….eeew!

Emily Randolph of Frederick, Maryland, bought a 2-pound package of fresh wild Atlantic cod at Costco on February 9, FOX 5 reported. That fish wasn’t the only thing she took home from Costco however.

When Emily returned home with the fish, she noticed something moving inside of the package. It was a live worm.

Emily posted the video below of the live worm to her Facebook page, where it has gained over 400k views.

Randolph brought the fish package back to Costco and received a full refund. However, Randolph was disgusted to learn she was not the first customer to return fish for this reason.

Randolph told the news that she was returning the cod and was told by the woman behind the counter, that the person before her had just returned salmon that had worms in it.

Randolph captioned the Facebook video below:

“Bought this at the Costco in Frederick, MD. When we took the video to Costco to get our money back the girl behind the counter said someone had just returned salmon with worms in it. No apologies at all. She acted as if this happens all the time. I’m so grossed out. Check your food people!!!!” she captioned the post.