Woman Hears Costco Employee Playing Adele On Piano. Joins In For An Awesome Duet!

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Costco Adele Piano

Costco is known for selling large, bulky items and displaying those large items on their retail floor. So it is only natural that Costco would sell pianos and have a few set up on display! 

In the video below, Youtuber hyp3r247, along with the salesman, plays a stunning rendition of “Someone Like You” by Adele. The duet, though improvised sounds as good as a studio recording. In fact, it sounds so good that passersby turned into onlookers.

Nodding to how spontaneous the duet was, hyp3r247 captioned the video,”

“You just never know what you will encounter in life!” she wrote. “Walked into a Costco, heard the salesman play a beautiful song and I joined in for some fun!! Totally made my day!”

Make sure you watch to the end because once they get into a rhythm…it gets super good!