Disappointing Online Purchases Made By People Who Couldn’t Refuse A ‘Good Deal’

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Some deals are just too good to be true…

Just about everyone in the world orders goods online from time to time, some more than others. And there is no doubt that many of us have had some serious ‘online ordering’ disappointments at times.

The Doll Sized Face Mask

This woman purchased a face mask online, as many people do! However, she didn’t check the dimensions of the face mask prior to ordering (who does right?). The face mask came in the mail and it was made for a doll. Ha!

Birthday Cake Fail

This is a case of one cake decorator exaggerating her cake making skills, online. The baker stole the photo and posted it on their website as their own – you know – to get more orders! Well, it worked. One unlucky customer purchased the Disney themed cake and well, you can clearly see the end result!

Super Sad Flowers

Yet another case of online, false advertising. Look what I can do — fail!

Giant Skinny Jeans

When this online shopper purchased a pair of jeans with a 32-inch inseam…they expected to receive a pair of jeans with a 32-inch inseam. Well, they didn’t. The picture clearly shows that these jeans have a 132-inch inseam.

The Tiny Rug

This dude ordered an area rug online…thinking it was a great deal! Well, the price was right…but the area rug was for a doll house. The look of disappointment on his face is priceless though!

See more disappointing online purchases in the video below!