Does Your Husband Leave A Facial Hair Mess While Shaving? If So, You Will Love This!

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So here it is…the Beard Bib, by Beard King…and yes…this is 100% real and you can buy one Here!


For many, many years I have heard from my wife that when I shave I leave tiny little hairs all over the place, the sink, the floor and even the mirror, which is mind boggling to me. It never seems to fail and for some reason no matter how hard I have ever tried to catch, every single little hair that fell from my face…I would fail. I could put endless towels down, nope, wouldn’t work. I could shave right over the sink, clean the entire sink after and still…it seemed a ton of tiny little hairs would mysteriously pop up.

They never seemed to pop up when I was in the bathroom however, they always seemed to appear when my wife was in there…and boom…my name would get yelled and I would be asked for the millionth time “why do you always leave hair in the sink when you shave?”. Well thanks to the Beard Bib…this won’t be an issue any more.

Check it out…because it’s awesome and a must have!

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