These Tiny Pet Campers Will Forever Change The Way You Camp & Travel With Your Pet!

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When it comes to spoiling our beloved pooches there truly is no limit. Our pets are part of our family and we all love taking them wherever we go! With this awesome little travel camper designed for your small dog (or any small pet for that matter) you can have them travel with you in style! There is no doubt you will be the talk of the campground when you roll up with one of these! #animals #dogs #pets

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At $800 each, the tiny kennels are designed especially with man’s best friend in mind – and come in four different styles.

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Straight Line Design‘s owner Judson Beaumont says the inspiration for the Pet Camper came to him when his daughter asked him to build a doghouse for her puppy several years ago.

The company says that all of the trailers are fully customization.

A spokesman added: ‘We use a variety of materials including laminate, which makes the possibilities virtually endless.

‘We currently have four body styles available, however Judson is always coming up with new concepts for future models. There will definitely be more to come.’

Although the trendy trailers were originally created with small dogs in mind, the campers are perfect for any kind of animal.

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They recommend pets no larger than 20lbs, however, they have been approached for larger models suitable for bigger dogs.

‘We work with our clients to give them something unique that they and their furry friends will love,’ the spokesman added.

‘Everything from the materials used, the size, style, color, and even the personalized licence plates can be customized.’

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Prices start at $800 and go up depending on size, style, and material and the petite pet campers can be shipped anywhere around the world from Vancouver.
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Check out the companies website for more awesome pictures and to order one of these awesome pet campers for yourself!

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