Did Shanann Watts Send Police A Clue From Beyond The Grave During The Initial Investigation?

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The Watts Family Murders shocked the entire world when they first happened and now that Netflix has released their ‘American Murderer’ documentary highlighting the murders and investigation, people are noticing some weird things in the doc.

Viewers of the documentary are eyeing one part in particular (and we must admit it is extremely weird and creepy). There is a moment when Shanann Watts appears to send police a message from beyond the grave as they interviewed her husband.

Chris Watts was ultimately convicted of murdering his wife Shanann, their unborn child and their two daughters. After killing them, he buried his wife’s body and stuffed his kids inside an industrial oil tank in the middle of an oil field.

The moment in the documentary started when Shanann’s best friend Nickole Atkinson called police because she had not heard from Shanann and Shanann missed an important doctors appointment. Quickly after that phone call was placed, police arrived at Chris Watt’s home. A few moments, later, Chris himself showed up.

The police began asking Chris questions, while searching the home. Chris Watts eventually led on that his neighbor had surveillance cameras set up that may highlight the property and street. The police, with Chris, made their way over to the next door neighbors house.

It was at this moment in the documentary, that viewers noticed something.

They believe Shanann was sending clues to the police, about the truth behind her disappearance, from beyond the grave.


One viewer then wrote:

Chris Watts stood next to the TV in his neighbours home while the police watched the cctv footage…. As they chatted, a fetus, then a skull floating in oil appeared on the screen.

His wife Shannan was 4-months pregnant and he put his two daughters in oil tanks. If you believe in the paranormal, was it Shannan sending them clues or coincidence?


It’s certainly quite chilling.

Check out the moment below.

While watching…keep in mind that the actual clips that popped on the screen — reminded Chris about his wife and unborn child that he just murdered. Reason being…he is completely fixed upon the TV as the fetus is shown and he then turns to the officer and says that his wife is pregnant also. 

Posted by Amy Brook on Monday, October 12, 2020