Georgia Students Pack Hallways Without Face Masks On First Day Back To School

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Georgia students went back to school on Monday and very few students wore masks. The photo above shows students packing the halls, many without face masks.

Superintendent Brian Otott is trying to downplay the situation to concerned parents, telling them the hallway was only packed for “just a brief period” while students went to their next class.

In a message to parents sent Tuesday evening, Otott admits the optics don’t look good, and says the school district will make adjustments as the year progresses. He says there’s “no practical way” to enforce a face covering mandate at the high school, and students and staff are simply being strongly encouraged to wear masks.

The photo shows kids in Paulding County, where the Georgia Department of Education and the Georgia Department of Public Health agreed to open the school doors “guidelines, not mandates” on how to deal with the pandemic.

The school photo below is yet another school photo from Georgia taken this week. Coming out of Etowah High School in Woodstock shows a large group of seniors bunched together for a color-coordinated clothing pic.

It is most certainly going to be very hard to force children to wear masks all day long while at school. Young children just don’t understand and older children are simply too defiant. Time will only tell if COVID-19 will spread through the school systems upon reopening.