Girl Posts Photos Of Herself In A Bikini And Turns The Tables On Cyberbullies!

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Reported by : kimatv

A nasty comment here or there, or a meme bashing students in the classroom, it may seem harmless. But there are real consequences to posting hateful comments from behind a computer screen.

The Hannah Wommack today is a little bit different than the Hannah Wommack a few years ago, tougher skin probably. But the New York girl is being recognized for doing a very brave thing and putting herself out there, and actually hoping cyberbullies would attack.

A photo of Wommack in a bathing suit got comments like ‘do you have acne,’ and ‘you’re ugly,’ even a photo of a rope with the caption, ‘I bought you a necklace. Here, put it on.’ Those comments take a moment to sink in, even for someone who’s faced this type of thing for what seems like her whole life.

“I’ve been bullied like all throughout high school, middle school, for my anxiety and just my appearance,” Wommack said.

But the comments posted under her swimsuit photo, it’s something Wommack asked for.

“There was a page on Facebook that was really popular at the time called “America’s Hottest Teens,” and obviously that is like a breeding ground for bullies. If you post on there you know you’re going to get rude comments,” she said.

Two years ago and a senior in high school, the teen bravely posted an old photo of her to the page. It was for a school project. Then she let it sit for a while, racking up hate comment after hate comment.

“In the picture that you see you can see where people have told me to kill myself, and that I was ugly and worthless,” Wommack recalled.

And then the moment she’d been waiting for.

“I pretty much commented back saying ‘thank you for your feedback. I’m actually using this for my high school English project,'” she said. “I kind of put them all together in a collage and I reposted them on the page.”

Wommack said with the post she wrote, ‘Thank you for being honest and everything because this is really showing bullying is still an issue.’

Wommack got her ‘gotcha’ moment, but that’s not the case for every child or teen bulled over social media or through text messages.

Bullying is a major issue that needs to be addressed and stopped.

Reported by : kimatv


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