Bullied Teen Finds Out Homecoming Nomination Was A Prank, But She Got The Last Laugh!

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Bullying, does it ever end? Sadly there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight but we can combat it and it all starts with you. The following story is one of power, self respect and determination. Determination to not let yourself be brought down by the idiocy of others.

Whitney Kropp, a student at Owega High School in West Branch, Michigan was nominated to for homecoming queen. At first, she was excited, that was until she learned that the nomination was all part of a prank put on by so called ‘popular’ bullies. The news that it was a prank was so devastating to Whitney at first, that she even contemplated suicide.

The sophomore made decision. She decided that she was not going to let the bullies get to her and that she was going to rise up and be the bigger person. Thankfully, Whitney wasn’t the only one who felt that way!

When her local community and other students heard about the cruel prank, they banded together to turn the tables on the bullies by legitimately making Whitney the homecoming queen! Local businesses provided a makeover, clothes and even a limo for her big night. They say living well is the best revenge, which Whitney clearly got.

Check out the awesome video below! You go girl!


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