Guy Drops A Rock Down A Random 3,000+ Foot Hole In The Utah Desert, 30 Second Free Fall

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There is a random pipe sticking out of the desert near Dugway Proving Grounds (“Area 52”) in Western Utah. There is a lot of strange testing going on out there. This hole is a few miles away from Dugway’s UAV blimp base.

Youtuber eyeguy has filmed himself dropping items down this hole in order to try and figure out just how deep it goes, if it goes straight down or does it curve? At one point eyeguy estimated the hole was well over 3000 feet deep. None the less it is pretty strange and it certainly goes very, very deep into the earth. For what reason? I guess only a few know.

This video shows eyeguy dropping a large rock down the hole, it free falls for over 30 seconds…now that’s a deep hole!


This video shows eyeguy dropping a camera with a light attached down the hole!

A lot of strange stuff going on near “Area 52” that’s for sure!