Artist Creates Actual ‘Sponge Cake’ That Looks Just Like A Dirty, Used Sponge

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An animator and amateur baker from Japan has created the world’s most literal interpretation of a sponge cake. And after looking at it, I’m not sure if I ever want to eat actual sponge cake again!

Takahiro Shibata only bakes as a hobby, but it’s fair to say that he is quite good at it! Shibata created the sponge cake after trying to one-up his neighbors baking abilities.

Shibata, a graduate of the Tokyo University of the Arts, also experimented with an “inverted color” cake, made of blue jelly and black frosting. The idea, he said, was to make a cake that would appear more traditional — strawberry-topped, with cream — in a photo negative. It worked and it’s pretty awesome!

I would say that Shibata definitely one-upped his neighbors with these creations! I’m not sure however if I would ever want to take a bite of that ‘sponge cake’! You go ahead and have the first bite!

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