They Call Her ‘Discount Beyonce’ And She Is Blowing Up On Instagram

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Who’s the woman in the photo below? Beyonce? Nope! 

She goes by the name ‘Sur_B’ and she is gaining quite a bit of attention for her resemblance to the mega star, Beyonce. 

Some haters have described her as ‘Discount Beyonce’ or ‘Dollar Menu Beyonce’. But, Sur-B could care less! 

There is no doubt that there is a resemblance. The ‘real’ Beyonce is pictured below. 

Beyonce/Hustle TV


In this picture, you can barely tell the two apart! 


Her likeness to Beyonce has gained Sur_B over 10k Instagram followers and counting! 


She is making money from her resemblance…and although she isn’t super famous like her look-a-like counterpart…she is still more famous than most of us! 

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