Happy Dancing Nana Without The Music Looks More Like Crazy Dancing Nana

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Two years ago the video of Nana Feole, an 88-year-old Nana dancing to ‘Run Around Sue‘ by Dion went viral. Over the years it continued to get shared time and time again, simply due to the fact that it’s awesome, and this Nana is one hip lady!

Recently however, someone filed a copyright infringement complaint against Nana Feole’s original video and Youtube was forced to mute the audio track.

So now we have a wonderful video, with 5.8 million views and counting of Nana Feole looking like a crazy as she is filmed dancing around in silence on her front staircase. We originally wanted to re-post the #video as a great flashback vid, but when we watched it without any audio, we found the video had a very different, rather funny angle to it, so we figured it was totally worth a share anyways!


CNN Coverage Of Dancing Nana

Source : Youtube