Homeowner Shoots Stalking Drone Out Of The Sky

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Larry Breaux stepped out of his front door carrying a rifle, staring straight in to the camera lens of a hovering drone. As Breaux raised the rifle to take aim at the stalking drone, it took off.  Larry chased the drone to the outback of his home where he once again took aim and with one incredible shot, took the drone out of the sky!

Larry’s friend caught all the action from the ground on his cell phone while the drone camera caught the sky view. Larry believes that the drone is a form of harassment by a certain neighbor who is not happy about a large sign that Breaux has put up on his property.

Larry believes that the drone’s operator was standing high on a hill (which Breaux owns) and shouted in anger when the drone was shot out of the sky. Do you feel it should be legal to fly a drone into someone without permission property?

Source : Youtube