Flying A Drone Over Idaho Farmland, Youtuber Thinks He Has Real Footage Of Bigfoot

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One man claims to have captured a possible Bigfoot while using his drone to film some Idaho farm land. Although the drone is flying quite high, there is no doubt that there is something running through the tall grass, heading towards a patch of woods in a hurry. Is it Bigfoot? Who knows…but the video is getting all sorts of commotion and comments from both believers and skeptics.

We watched the video in HD and blew the image up and there is clearly something running on two legs. Could it be a man or kid in an ape suit? Sure could! However, the distance the object traveled and the large strides it was taking to do so is rather impressive, but does not appear to be something a human could not do.

We took the liberty in blowing up the image for you all to see! It is grainy, but still appears to show a rather large object. 

BF Drone

bf drone2

The one aspect of the video that gets us, is the shadow which is being projected from the running object…it is huge! If you look at the shadows of the large trees around the object as it is running, you can clearly see that those large trees are casting a massive shadow. The moving object is also casting a massive shadow.

Take a look at the video below. It is hard to really see on your phone, but you can always play it in HD and make the video bigger while on mobile. Watching it on a computer most certainly gives you a better view however!

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