How To Turn A Cup Of Noodles Into A Quick Gourmet Meal

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The old Cup Of Noodles — a cheap, quick hot noodle dish that can be purchased at just about an convenience store or grocery store. While it may not be the healthiest, they are quite tasty.

But you can make them tastier!

The Instagram handle omuraisupuro has stuck to a very consistent theme — cooking with eggs.

In one video, you are shown how to make an egg based dish using a cup of noodles.

Removing the contents (noodles, vegetables, and seasoning) from the cup and into a plastic storage bag, he pounds the ingredients until broken into an even, crumbled consistency.

Next, the crumbled cup noodles get toasted in a pan. Once fragrant, a bit of water is added, which cooks the noodles a bit.

When the noodles are almost softened add white rice, sliced scallions, and beaten eggs. Scramble this all together until the noodles are cooked through and everything is warmed up.

This quick-to-make fried rice is plated onto a serving dish. To get an elegant and clean presentation, you can use the cup noodle container to form the rice into a unified shape.

Next, make an omelet, this technique has you cooking the eggs until it barely comes together. You then slowly roll the omelet onto itself, creating an almond-like shape. Served and sliced over the rice, you have a meal that’s far from the humble cup of noodles you had sitting in your pantry.

To watch the video here.