Rihanna’s Halftime Show Sign Language Interpreter Came To Get Down & Play!

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Justina Miles is an American Sign Language interpreter who interpreted Rihanna’s Super Bowl Half Time show performance. Her hardcore and energetic performance has gone viral.

She came to get down and play baby!

If you happen to catch the interpretation performance, it was wild and awesome! Her interpretations were so good, many people took to social media to comment. Some saying ‘Did the interpreter just one up Rihanna?”.

Miles told CNBC’s Make It just how much signing at the Super Bowl meant to her and Deaf communities. “I value the opportunity to make it possible for all deaf people to enjoy these songs, and not have them miss out on the full Super Bowl experience,” she said. Miles also signed for Sheryl Lee Ralph’s pre-game performance of “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” which is considered by many as the Black national anthem. “To really bring that empowerment to millions and millions of Black deaf people all over the country who’ve never really seen that before, I feel that is truly lifting every voice, even my voice,” she added.