Like A True Badass – Dude Clears His Driveway Of Snow Using A Flamethrower

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When it snows at Timothy Browning’s house, he doesn’t go to the garage and pick up a shovel to clear the snow from his driveway, because that’s what little babies do. Browning chooses to go a different route, a more badass route.

A video making the rounds on the internet recently shows Browning dressed up like Cousin Eddie from the holiday movie ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’, while clearing the snow from his driveway using a flamethrower. What a legend.

Anybody who has ever had to clear snow from their driveway will get an instant kick out of Browning’s method of doing so with a flamethrower. The woman filming him at his home in Ashland, Kentucky says, “Browning snow service removal now available.”

Browning is doing more than removing snow with the flamethrower, he is also chugging a beer and seems to be enjoying himself. When he posted the video on Facebook, he captioned it, “God bless American rednecks!”

Jordan Podunavac also happened to be taking footage of the event from the sidelines. A friend named Chad posted it to Twitter, writing: “Here’s one way to do some quick snow removal, by flamethrower.”

Both videos have received millions of views thus far and for good reason! After watching them, I am now a tad bummed I didn’t a flamethrower under the Christmas tree this year!