10 Ways To Fight Anxiety And Panic Attacks…And Win!

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If you are one who deals with high anxiety and panic attacks, you can often feel like there will never be a fix. You feel alone and as though no one truly understands the inner turmoil that you are going through. There is a fix however…you simply need to retrain your brain. 

I personally battled anxiety for years. I would have panic attacks daily and although I learned to hide them when in public…I was a complete mess on the inside. 

Panic attacks cause a ton of stress on the body and mind. Often times, panic attacks mimic symptoms of serious health issues, such as a heart attack or stroke. The feeling of passing out is often present and a racing mind filled with negative thoughts can prevail. 

There is a way to battle anxiety and win. I did it, without medication and without therapy. I used to have anxiety attacks daily…and I have not had a bout of anxiety for nearly 15-years now!

Here is what I suggest to those who are dealing with anxiety issues often. 

1. The Best Advice I Ever Received. 

This simple piece of advice was given to be by my father after I complained about having anxiety for years. He simply told me, ‘get a hobby…occupy your mind’. This may sound odd, but it worked. When you think about it, anxiety is your mind taking over and letting obsessive thoughts run crazy. If your mind is busy, those thoughts won’t have time or room to fun free! 

2. Stop Smoking

Most often, people with severe anxiety are smokers. Smoking is a huge trigger for anxiety and this is due to the negative health benefits that smoking as on the body. The more you smoke, the more negative thoughts about your health come in to play. When you have an anxiety attack and you think you are ‘dying’, being a smoker gives your mind more reason to think that it could be true. Which in return…will only fuel an anxiety attack.

3. Be Creative

Try to find an outlet to express yourself. Writing is a perfect way to ease and relax the mind. Painting and creating art is perfect too!

Hop on Pinterest and find a cool project to make, keep your mind busy and over time…your anxiety will fade away.  

4. Eat Healthy

Believe it or not…you are what you eat. Eating gross, unhealthy foods can cause your body and mind to feel like crap. Feeling like crap is the perfect fuel or anxiety and panic attacks. Switch out those fast food burgers for an egg sandwich or salad! 

5. Exercise 

Exercising…I hate it…but it works to relieve anxiety big time! I was never one to exercise much, but a mile run or a few crunches can do so a lot.

As I was keeping my mind busy, eating healthier and fighting my anxiety, I would often take a few moments throughout my day to do a few push-ups, crunches and go for a run. 

If you can’t find the time to go for a run…bust out a few push-ups…do them right in the office if you need to! 

Getting those endorphines going will relax your mind and body! 

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