Monopoly Just Released The Longest Monopoly Game EVER!

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In order to win the game, you must own every single property on the board. Yikes! Let the fighting begin!

For those who love Monopoly and the potential for a very long game, the opportunity is now available to take things to the next level with the Monopoly: Longest Game Ever Edition. According to Nerdist, there are 66 properties on the board, which is an additional 38 over the original. There’s also only one die, compared to two, so you don’t go around the board very quickly.

The slow-paced action is even highlighted with the playing pieces, which include a tortoise and hare.

There are opportunities to move money, although auctions are not permitted. For example, you may have added to the rules in the past by making the “Free Parking” space pay off, but in this version, you actually do get paid for landing there. Each bill can also be torn along perforated lines to make smaller sums, allowing you to increase the opportunity for making purchases.

Although there are many additions to the game, it is the way the game is won that really makes it different. Unlike the original edition, you can continue to play after you declared bankruptcy. In order to win the game, you have to obtain every property on the board.

The game is available on Amazon for $20 if you are ready to take your next Monopoly game to the next level.