People Are Walking Around With $1 Bills That Are Worth Thousands. Here’s What To Look For

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We all carry dollar bills around and they all have serial numbers on them. Those serial numbers…if in the correct sequence, could yield you huge profits! Far more than a dollars worth!

Some collectors are willing to pay big bucks to get their hands on certain serial number sequences.

The serial numbers on dollar bills are not random, but they do have random characteristics that make it possible that you have an extremely valuable dollar bill. published an entire list of the serial numbers on dollar bills that they’re willing to pay tons of money to obtain. They will hand over hundreds and sometimes even thousands for a dollar bill with the right serial number.

The website has published their “want list” which you can download by visiting their site.

What are some things they’re looking for?

  • 7 in a row of the same number like 29999999
  • 7 of the same number 99990999
  • Super radars like 01111110, 10000001, or 80000008
  • Repeaters like 67676767
  • Double quads like 11110000
  • 0 and 9 binaries like 00090000
  • 1 and 8 binaries like 81188118
  • And many more!

Plus, “we’re always looking for other cool stuff,” they say, so if you find a cool serial number on your dollar bill, contact them and see how much they’ll pay!

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