Dude Paints His House Bright Pink And His Neighbors Absolutely Hate It

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Just about all of the beautiful homes on Mountain View in Pflugerville, Texas look the same. Grayish brick, landscaped lawns, yada yada. But that all changed when Emilio Rodriguez moved in!

When Emilio was just four years old, he was in a serious car accident that caused him to become paralyzed from the waist down. Throughout his entire life, the color pink has always cheered him up and made him feel happy! So when Emilio purchased his new home, it was only natural that he painted the entire exterior of the home bright pink!

While the newly painted hot pink home made Emilio happy, his neighbors had the exact opposite emotion – they were no pleased.

Emilio’s family and friends did all but beg Emilio not to paint his house pink, but he felt that he needed to go with his gut feeling. Over the years, Emilio has had numerous surgeries and with each surgery, he looked to the color pink to soothe him and keep him calm.

Emilio found the perfect pink color to cover his home in – it was Pepto Pink and matches much of the pink color that is seen in his tattoos.

Starting with the back of the house, Emilio began painting. He then decided to just paint the entire home pink – but he isn’t stopping there. Emilio will be putting in a pink tile driveway, pink spotlights and he’s thinking of painting his wheelchair pink too!

Emilio knew that his neighbors would not be pleased, but he purposely chose the property because there is no HOA rules in that neighborhood! Smart thinking Emilio! So basically, his neighbors can’t be as mad as they want – but there is not a thing they can do! The best part, Emilio could care less what other people think. His home and the color of the home makes him happy – and that’s all that matters to Emilio!

Props to you Emilio!