Young Piano Phenom Plays Insane Version Of Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme Song On Public Piano

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If you don’t know who Pianist and Youtuber Peter Buka is, you are missing out!

Buka is quite the online sensation due to his incredible piano performances combined with his simple, clean Youtube video format.

At the age of 25, Buka has been playing the piano for 18 years (starting at age 7), studying classical music for 14 of those years. Now he incorporates those teaches and creates mind blowing versions of pop and movie theme songs.

He launched his YouTube channel on February 11, 2016. In 2017 he started uploading his first cover videos to YouTube. He reached millions of people with his first videos right away and has amassed a whopping 2.87M subscribers.

Here is Buka playing The Pirates Of The Caribbean theme song (which is an incredibly difficult piece to play) live at Metrostation in Barcelona.

To see more of Buka, you can visit his Youtube Channel HERE!