Mom Frustrated With Her Kids Not Calling Her Back Creates Genius App To Solve The Problem

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Frustrated with the fact that her #children were ignoring her phone calls or simply not calling her back, this high tech mom created a genius cell #phone app to solve her problem.

The app is called ‘IgnoreNoMore’ and it is quite simple to use. When the frustrated parent senses that their child is ignoring their phone calls, the parent is able to completely shut their child’s phone down remotely via the app.

One the app is opened, the parent selects the child’s phone number from the contact list. The parent enters a preset password for that child’s phone number and then selects a disable option. The child’s phone immediately turns to a black screen and the only functions available for the child to use on the phone are the parents preset phone numbers or 911.  Once this is done, the child, who is probably more than frustrated at this point, must call the parents to get the unlock code in order to restore their #phone to full working condition. Genius idea? I think so! Props to you mom!

Source : Youtube