Playboy Dan Bilzerian To Launch 2016 Presidential Campaign

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If you have not heard of Dan Bilzerian by now, you soon will.

Bilzerian is a young, wealthy playboy who lives a crazy, non-stop lifestyle filled with travel, exotic cars, high stakes poker, an entourage of beautiful women, private jets and an awesome cat named Smushball. The one thing Bilzerian doesn’t have…a job as the President of the United States and he is looking to change that!

Bilzerian’s lavish lifestyle has quickly made him an internet star. With over 9.4 million followers on Facebook and Instagram, Bilzerian has some serious social media power. Bilzerian is set to announce his run for President on June 24th at the famous Marquee nightclub in New York City.


Some are saying that Bilzerian’s run for President is nothing more than an incredible publicity stunt that is geared towards making Bilzerian a ton of money. It would appear that Bilzerian certainly knows how to make a dollar, and if this is a stunt, he surely has all his cards lined up to pull it off.

With Bilzerian’s massive bank account accompanied with a massive social media following, there is no doubt that Bilzerian should be able to gain some serious votes.

Bilzerian will be traveling the country, making stops to promote his campaign throughout the summer. Tickets will be sold for each event as well as a slew of merchandise.

Bilzerian may not have a ton of political expertise, but he sure knows how to market himself. It will be interesting to see how this campaign goes, so stay tuned as we will be following it throughout the summer!


If Dan is voted in as President I can bet we will never hear about gun control!



If you want to follow Dan, here is his official Facebook page!