If Donald Trump Makes It Into The White House, The U.S. Will Have A First Lady Like No Other

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When it comes to the ‘First Lady’ of the United States, history clearly shows that they have been modest women, old fashion almost. Our most recent First Lady, Michelle Obama, brought a stylish, hip and fit persona to the White House and has certainly changed the image of what a First Lady should look like.

With that said, if billionaire Donald Trump makes it into the White House, the United States is going to see a First Lady like no other.

Melania Trump, the former model who has both brains and beauty will surely be a hot topic in the press and I’m sure will be welcomed in most any country for ‘talks’ and ‘negotiations’.

*please note – this post does not express political views associated with AwesomeJelly.com. 

Classy & Cool

A Little Risky…

Seems First Lady-ish…

Billionaires Swim Too

Probably Not Going On The 2015 Christmas Card

I’m Sure This Will Be Appropriate For White House Dinners

The Picture Of A Woman Who Can Buy The White House With Petty Cash

At Least Her Hair Won’t Be A Topic Of Conversation

I Wonder If George Washington’s Wife Ever Posed Like This…




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