Putting A Pickle In A Cheap Beer Makes It Taste Better

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Let’s face it, many of us have been forced to drink cheap bear at one point in our adult lives. Whether we couldn’t afford the good stuff, or you were offered one at a party – cheap beer isn’t that tasty.

Back in 2017, Esquire published an article featuring Joe McClure (the man behind McClure’s Pickles), that talked about cheap beer and how to make it taste better. McClure went in depth on the topic back then and the scientific reasoning for this phenomenon is not that hard to understand, either. It’s the same reason why French fries and pretzels taste so great alongside your can of cheap beer: The salt and vinegar notes are able to complement each other in the perfect manner.

Just be careful, you don’t want to put pickles in your favorite IPA or stout beer. Save this hack for the cheap beers!

When adding a pickle to your beer, the beer will foam and fizz a bit. Once the fizzing and foaming subsides, it’s time to drink up!