Senator Warns People To ‘Lock Your Doors’ After Classified Hearing On UFOs

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A Louisiana senator has warned citizens to “lock your doors” following a classified briefing to lawmakers on the unidentified objects shot down over the weekend.

Four objects have been shot out of the sky during the first half of February. One of the objects was said to be a Chinese spy satellite, while the identification of the other three objects has been held close to the chest by the US Government.

Senators received a classified briefing on Tuesday. It was delivered by officials from the Defense Department, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command), and the United States Northern Command, as well as the Office for the Director of National Intelligence.

Following the briefing, Louisiana Senator John Kennedy said that the Government was unable to gather up the remanence of the three shot down UFO’s.

“It’s clear to me this is not a recent phenomenon,” he told reporters, saying “this has been going on” since at least 2017. Calling for more transparency, he said: “If you are confused, you understand the situation perfectly.”

Concluding his comments to the gathered media, Kennedy added: “Lock your doors tonight.”

Ten days ago, “we were led to believe that our skies are clear, but now we have unidentified objects and Chinese spy balloons raining down on us like confetti,” the GOP senator wrote on Twitter on Tuesday ahead of the briefing.

While the US Government tells the American people and the world that there no threat to the US via the visitation of extraterrestrials, something definitely seems off. I mean, since the beginning of America, the Government tells the people what they want to tell the people — so who knows what is going on in the skies above the United States!

I’m voting for Aliens.