The Cheesiest Pizza In The World Has Over 250 Different Types Of Cheese

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French chef Benoit Bruel of Déliss’ Pizza in Lyon, France, officially set the Guinness World Record for putting the “Most Varieties of Cheese on a Pizza.” His specialty pizza pie contained an astonishing 254 different kinds of cheese, which essentially makes any four-cheese pizza look like a little baby pie!

French chef Benoit Bruel of Déliss’ Pizza in Lyon, France

Honestly, we had no clue that this was even a world record category. But it is.

Bruel technically broke the record back in February 2020. However, he had to compile the “required evidence” of his success to present to the judges at Guinness. As of Nov. 29, the chef’s impressive achievement finally received official recognition.

“Youhoooo,” Bruel wrote in a post on his restaurant’s Instagram account. “It took a while but that’s it, the Guinness Book validated my record last Thursday! It’s official !!! My certificate arrives this week as well as the list of cheeses.” (As translated by Google Translate.)

The official Guinness World Records Facebook page also shared a video about his new record:

Wondering who held the record before Bruel shattered it?

With 154 kinds of cheese, the Australian chef Johnny Di Francesco formerly held the record. That means Bruel beat the previous winner by 100 cheeses.

Guinness is happy that the world record is held by someone in France, as France is known for their amazing cheeses!