Things You Should Beware Of While Shopping Online

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From minor issues like delivery of parcels which are being sorted out by good tracking services like china post trackingto some rather complicated issues like scams, shopping online comes in with various drawbacks as well, that you should be well aware of in order to cope up with them.

In 2019, there were almost 1,300 cyber theft cases on average that were reported every single day to the FBI, which truly called for some action against these scammers and public awareness. The public is way more aware of such scams now and there are legal actions too that one may take.

The countless pros of online shopping and increasing trends make it almost inevitable. So why not get well-versed with a few tips to follow every time you buy something online. These tips will not only make your course of dealing easier but also safe from any kind of fraudulent retailing practices and other scams.

Choose Wisely About Where To Shop

Consider buying stuff from sites that you have already used and had a good experience with. Trying new sites every day might not be a very good idea unless it’s on someone’s recommendation or the site has good reviews from customers. Going through the site completely would tell you a lot about the story and whether you should give it a try or not.

Beware Of Those Eye-popping Deals

Every other day you see an unbelievably amazing offer on social media pages, and here the word “unbelievably” is worth your attention. Most of these irresistible offers and discounts are basically traps to make you give it a try. No doubt, there are genuine deals as well, but if someone’s throwing away goods that are almost for free, it might be a scam.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Do not make online payments while being connected to public Wi-Fi. Your activities might be getting watched and your passwords and other credit card details might get stolen, which is the worst thing that could happen. Especially if that password is related to your financial details, you need to be extra careful. So, make sure you carry out these activities on a private and secure internet connection. In case there’s no other option, you might want to try using a VPN to protect your information.

Smarter Passwords

Make sure to have complex passwords with longer phrases that you’ll likely figure out on your own. Having a complex password will keep all cyber threats at bay. So you can surf around on various sites more often without any stress of being hacked. Make sure that your password is a complex combination of lower case and uppercase letters as well as digits and symbols.

Ensure Website’s Security Parameters

There are a few basic details you would have to look for every time you visit a site to shop online. Being aware of these tips will save you more than you think. The first thing that you would want to check is the SSL encryption or secure sockets layer encryption. Wondering how you would figure it out? Just look for a lock icon on the browser screen, the lock button represents SSL encryption. Yes, it’s that simple! Secure websites mask all your highly sensitive information such as passwords and other details.

Don’t Get Crazy For Those Attractive Emails

Many scammers send emails from unknown accounts pitching some “unbelievably amazing” deals or discussing some problems with your parcels asking for some private information. Do not fall prey to these scams, simply ignore all such emails. Most of them are fraudulent, while many of them carry links that may infect your device or harm your privacy if clicked.