This ‘Sliding Home’ Opens To All Glass In The Summer & Closes Up Cozy In The Winter

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PIC FROM Kennedy News/dRMM

This place may be a $1 million home, but if I were to ever spend a cool million on the home — I would seriously consider this place!

The home is able to adapt based on the changing of the seasons. In the warmer months, the home has the ability to slide open and expose all glass walls and an all glass roof. In the colder months, the home closes up nice and tight — making it warm and cozy!

The unique three-bedroom property in the English countryside of Suffolk, is covered by a moving ‘wooden casing’ that has been blowing the mind’s of house hunters since it went on the market April 5.

The entire transformation of the home takes roughly 6-minutes and a lot goes on within those 6-minutes.

The six-minute transformation also reveals an open-air bathroom on the first floor and a previously covered courtyard.

It ends its solar-powered retraction over a detached annex containing the third bedroom and another living area.

The home has won multiple awards for its unique design. In reality, this design is pure genius and incredibly awesome!

Check out this super cool video of the home in ‘action’ below!