The Man Who Is Combating Online Child Predators’ Using Genius Tactics

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His name is Alex and he owns the Youtube Channel NVACP and the Rumble channel ‘Predator Poachers‘. While social media is filled with various groups and organizations cracking down on online child predators, Alex is by far the absolute best.

Alex and his team scour the internet and various social media apps in order to catch adults talking inappropriately with children. A meeting is typically set up between the ‘fake account’ and the adult predator and that’s when Alex steps in.

Alex speaks to these predators like a seasoned detective with impeccable dialogue. Alex is able to get these adult predators to open up on camera and admit to everything they have ever done in regards to hurting children or sharing inappropriate images and videos of children. At the end of his ‘interview’ the police are called and most often times the adult predator is caught, dead to rights. He has already admitted to everything on camera.

Alex uses the phrase ‘Can someone order the fried pickles’ when he is ready for the police to be called and he believes he has enough evidence to get a conviction.

When the police show up, he often askes the suspect in front of the police about the conversation they just had. He somehow gets these people to admit what they have done right in front of the police. In some cases, they even admit to having inappropriate images of children on the cellphone they are holding – all recorded on police body cams.

His channel is definitely worth checking out! If you want to support Alex and his team, you can get exclusive and early content on his Locals channel for just $7/mo. His team can use all the support they can get as they travel all over the United States catching online predators.

His content will really open your eyes to the child predators hiding in plain site. Alex catches husbands, teachers, doctor’s, coaches and everyday citizens that are preying on children — while working and being around children daily.