These Wildlife Live Streams Are Super Awesome And Worth Checking Out!

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If you love animals, love nature and enjoy watching a little Youtube — then you are going to want to check out a few of these super cool wildlife filled livestreams.

One of our favorite live streams to keep on the background while at the office is hosted by the Youtube channel ‘Africam‘.

The description of the channel is as follows:

ol Donyo Lodge is located on over 111,000 hectares of private land in the heart of the Chyulu Hills, between Kenya’s Tsavo and Amboseli National Parks. The property, honed from the ancient lava rock spewed out of Kilimanjaro 360,000 years ago, creates a timelessness that touches everyone visiting us. Safari experiences include horseback safaris, mountain bike safaris, guided walking safaris and open vehicle game drives.


This live stream offers different camera angles, close ups and more! We have seen all sorts of amazing animals roll up to the watering hole that is featured in the stream. There is audio too. At any moment a group of elephants can walk into frame. At times there are a slew of various animals all hanging out together. It’s really super cool and worth checking out.


The second channel is called ‘NamibiaCam‘.

The description of the channel is as follows:

The Complementing the magnificence of the Namib Desert’s never-ending red sand dunes, Namibia Cam’s waterhole lies within the Gondwana Namib Park – bordering the Namib Naukluft Park. In this park, all man-made barriers have been removed, creating a space over 56,540 square kilometers (meaning 21,830 sq mi) – wildlife moves freely between the two parks and the other privately owned guest farms. In Gondwana Namib Park the Namib experience covers two sides. Three, in fact, as under the reddish sand there is brown sandstone – the fossilised dunes of an ancient Namib. Then there is the World Heritage Site of ‘Namib Sand Sea’, and only 60 km further south, the Namib shows yet another face: the valley of the ephemeral Tsauchab River – which cuts through the surging sand-sea and ends in famed Sossusvlei.


This live stream comes from the state of Maine and it’s called ‘Brownsville’s Food Pantry For Deer‘.

The description of the channel is as follows:

The Brownville Food Pantry For Deer feeds up to 600 pounds per day of native oats (local) to help sustain the white-tailed deer population through rough winters here in Brownville, Maine. Feeding happens daily around 08:00(8AM) to 09:00(9 AM) Eastern Standard Time starting December 16 and continues to around the beginning of April. These are wild deer and this is not a deer farm. Some of the deer have been coming for more than 10 years. At times there are 100+ deer at the pantry. Wild turkeys also come and eat the native oats along side the deer. There is no Chronic Wasting Disease, or CWD in wild deer in Maine. Please dont complain about it in chat. These deer are all very healthy and there has never been any type of disease spread among these deer. This “Yarding” of deer happens in Maine every winter, even if they were not being fed. You may see deer that are lame. Experts tell us that leaving them alone is the best thing we can do for them. Thank You for watching!