Viral Challenge Has Kids ‘Snorting Condoms’ & It’s Just As Dangerous As It Sounds

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What on earth is wrong with kids these days? First kids are snacking on Tide Pods, now this?

I remember when buying a box of condoms was because you were planning on making some sweet love.

Never snorting them.

A recently resurrected social media challenge has kids snorting condoms up their noses for sh*ts and giggles (and Instagram likes), and it is just as risky and ridiculous as you’re imagining it is.

If you are saying to yourself…’Wow, that sounds super dumb, unhealthy and very risky’. You would be exactly right.

Not only do kids risk choking on the condoms, but according to Forbes, the challenge also carries the risk of allergic reactions and infection.

Bruce Y. Lee, an associate professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health who wrote about the challenge for Forbes, cited two separate cases of women who accidentally ingested condoms. One suffered from pneumonia, while the other got a small piece of the condom lodged in her appendix and had to undergo surgery. This is a bad idea, kids.

A search of “condom snorting challenge” on YouTube yields over 5,000 results dating all the way back to 2013, and the hashtag #condomchallenge on Instagram yields dozens of recent posts like the one below.

Communication between parents and children has always been a number one priority…but at this point in the life and society – I’d say it is essential.

Talk to your kids. Let them know not be dumb-asses.

Smart people don’t snort condoms.

Cover photo via | Daily Beast