Deployed Soldier Sends Holiday Message To Little Brother After Basketball Game, But Then He Appears!

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Bo Farrell, was speaking to his younger brother, Notre Dame junior point guard Matt Farrell, over a video chat on the jumbotron during last night’s basketball game.

Matt believed that his older brother was 4,000 miles away and wasn’t supposed to ship back home until February. Little did he know, his older bro was much closer to home than he thought.

Bo was actually able to come home early for the holidays and he wanted to surprise his younger brother in a special way. So he hatched a plan that he put into motion after the 77-62 Notre Dame Victory.

When their video chat ended, Bo walked out on the court and caught his brother up in a teary embrace that had the audience, and the world all emotional!

“We don’t ask much for Christmas, anyway,” added Farrell. “So this is the best Christmas present I’ve ever had.”

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