What Do Christmas And Holiday Shopping Look Like In Today’s Australia?

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For a lot of people worldwide, any year will never be complete without the holiday season. Nothing, simply put, beats the festive atmosphere that the “most wonderful time of the year” can conjure. There is a general feeling of positivity, hope, and merriment that are inimitable to this season alone, to the point that it has become such a global phenomenon. And Australia, where it starts as early as October, is certainly no exception.

Of course, the festivities are just one of the reasons why people love Christmas. Almost any retailer or digital marketer knows the opportunities that must not be missed come the holidays. Most of the time, they use the pre-Christmas period to prepare their flyers and catalogues that will be given out to the public at large. A great example of this is the comprehensive list of discount catalogues of a lot of well-known brands available in Kimbino, where you can get essential information about the latest and biggest discounts during the holidays.

Are you curious as to what the field of shopping looks like once the Christmas season rolls in? Then take a look at a couple of compelling facts we have outlined below.

Interesting Holiday Shopping Facts in Australia

Take note that this information was taken largely from the research conducted by MiQ about holiday shopping statistics and trends in Australia.

  • Much like the rest of the world, holiday shopping in Australia continues to grow. However, there is still a vast number (73%)  of Australians who are unwilling to increase the amount of money they spend on holiday shopping.
  • October, which is largely considered the month when the holiday season begins in Australia, has been proven as the best time for retailers to start mobile campaigns.
  • Most people are ready to dive into holiday shopping as early as possible on a yearly basis. More than half of Australians begin to research purchases or even begin their shopping altogether well before the start of the season (usually around September or even earlier).
  • Close to half (48%, to be exact) will continue shopping from September to December.
  • Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day remain as the top events during the holiday season. More than half of shoppers are willing to make purchases during all three events.
  • Boxing Day is slowly losing ground to Cyber Week, at least, in terms of the number of shoppers that are turning out for the latter. In the past, Boxing Day was usually associated with the greatest volume of shoppers, being a long-lasting tradition in the country, but this now only applies to shopping in physical stores.
  • Majority of Australians now prefer to browse online to conduct their research about prospective gifts, notable deals and discounts, and large bargains.

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How do most Australians celebrate Christmas today?

Unlike most countries, Australians usually cook their Christmas lunch and dinner during Christmas Day and not on Christmas Eve. Seafood is the usual fare, with fish markets offering huge price slashes and extended discounts on practically every seafood available. It’s summer in Australia during the holiday season, but this does not exempt them from partaking of sumptuous slices of roast turkey and hearty servings of Christmas pudding.

As for gifts, many are compelled to give them not only to close family and friends but also to co-workers and bosses. This is partly why a lot of Australians tend to plan and take care of their holiday shopping early and, evidently, why many people are consistently on the lookout for Christmas deals and discount prices on a yearly basis.

Most cities like Sydney, Melborne, and Brisbane have their own events and traditions throughout the holiday season. The prevailing trends involve partaking of festive culinary delights or going to specific locales where people can conduct get-togethers and revel at dazzling light displays and giant Christmas trees.

May All Your Christmases be… Eco-Friendly!

It is a given that the holidays will always be associated with positive feelings that stem from bonding with family and friends. However, as we get lost in our celebrations and revelries, we tend to overlook the sheer amount of waste that we produce.

Wouldn’t it be apt for the general feeling of compassion most of us feel during this season to extend to the environment as well? It is already a well-known fact that Kimbino cares a lot about the environment, and we believe that no time of the year should be exempt from our staunch advocacy. In fact, the holiday season is actually one of the perfect times to spread this message more, considering these recent data regarding waste accumulation and disposal during the holidays.

  • Food waste during the holidays not only adds to the general issue of trash, but it also actually takes a toll on the national economy. More than $20 billion is lost due to food waste alone.
  • Believe it or not, the kind of gift you choose also has a big impact on the environment. Solid waste, electronic waste included, is one of the biggest environmental problems faced by a lot of developed countries. This, plus the tendency of Australians to use a lot of gift wrappers, only contributes to waste accumulation
  • A CNN report recently revealed the immensely negative impact of Christmas sweaters on the environment. It has been found that every time you wash these sweaters, their acrylic content (which is quite substantial, making up about 40% of the sweaters’ materials) also gets released and only adds to the plastic pollution that is already plaguing our oceans.

These troubling facts are why we felt ever more compelled to raise awareness about pollution being created during the season of giving. Any step you take to reduce your waste production and to ensure proper disposal of garbage will go a long way in guaranteeing that the holiday season won’t be marred by issues pertaining to the environment and will still be enjoyed to the fullest by plenty of generations to come.

Learn More Worldwide Christmas Facts from This Infographic

Of course, it simply wouldn’t do to end a piece about Christmas with a finger-wagging sermon. This is why we opted to wrap things up by preparing this short but knowledge-packed Christmas infographic for you. May these golden bits of information help you immerse yourself better in this season of cheer.

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