Woman Gets Instant Karma For Laughing At A Grieving Victim In Court

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This judge wasn’t messing around…and she had good reason not to. 

Amanda Kosal has been sentenced to three to 15 years in prison for a deadly drunk driving crash this past summer. Throughout the serious hearing, two people were caught laughing. 

While the deceased victim’s sister was addressing the court, a man and a woman were laughing and making comments. The judge finally had enough, stopped the victim’s sister from speaking and addressed the two people who were laughing. 

The judge asked the man to leave first, calling him a ‘clown’. As the judge was expressing her disgust for the two individuals, she asked the woman to leave the courtroom also. As the woman walked out the door, the judge told a sheriff to bring her right back in. 

The woman was arrested and sent to the county jail for 93-days, for disrupting a court proceeding. 

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