Judge To Defendant: Go To Jail Or Endure Pepper Spray

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A Painesville, Ohio woman who pepper sprayed a Burger King worker faced a judge known for his unusual sentences on Thursday.

It hurt. It burned. It stung. It was scary at first because I didn’t think I was gonna get my eyesight back,” said worker Frantz Rolles  who was the victim in this case.

Painesville Judge Michael Cicconetti warned Diamond Gaston, who was charged with assault:

You understand that this is a criminal offense, an assault. I could put you in jail for six months.”

Known for his creative sentencing, the Judge gave Gaston a choice of 30 days in prison, or get pepper sprayed like her victim.

I’ll allow Mr. Rolles to have his vengeance and that is to give you a shot of pepper spray,” said Cicconetti.

Gaston initially chose the 30 day sentence. The Judge then asked her to take a moment and think about her decision and she then chose the pepper spray.

Gaston acted surprised when she was sprayed, but not in any discomfort when the judge explained what it was.

“There’s nothing in there. It’s water.”

“It scared me.”

“Enough to teach you a lesson?”

“Yeah, lesson learned.”

Because Gaston had a clean record and apologized, she will only do three days community work service.

Her victim was in on the scheme and wanted to use real pepper spray, but the judge declined.

“I wanted to do an eye for an eye. That’s my thing. But he was fair and I like the way he did his decision making,” said Rolles.

Source : Youtube

Case Details : WCSH6