Woman Kept Her McDonald’s Meal For 24-Years Just To See What Would Happen

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We all know that fast food is filled with a ton of preservatives, but it’s clear based on the following, that McDonald’s using some seriously powerful preservatives in their food! Gross!

TikTok(er) aly.sherb purchased a hamburger and fries from McDonald’s way back in 1996 and she decided to leave the meal in a shoe box, to see what would happen to the food. Well, 24-years later, she opened the box and has her answer. And she shared it all on her TikTok account.

Side note: She purchased them during a NASCAR advertisement period and showcases the ad on the packaging to display the 1996 date.

“The fries look like they maybe could’ve fallen under your seat a month or so ago that never rotted or decayed,” she says in the video.

The burger is equally well preserved. “The bread has never molded, the meat has never rotted, and it has never even broken. It’s completely intact,” the woman continues.

She’s not the first person to test out the longevity McDonald’s food.

One man went viral back in January after his McDonald’s hamburger celebrated its 21st birthday. Both of these burgers are old enough to have a legal beer. It’s hard to wrap our minds around this insanity. The 21-year-old burger rose to fame a few years back, when the man revealed that the sandwich had been found in a coat pocket.

We are not sure what McDonald’s is putting in their food…but it can’t be too healthy to consume! Have you ever heard of any other food being able to stand the test of time without rotting, smelling or discoloring? We haven’t!