Crazy Woman Throws Her Dog At A Man And Accuses Him Of ‘Stealing’ It

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Yet another crazy woman (aka ‘A Karen‘) is going viral after being caught on video accusing a man of stealing her dog…then throwing her dog at the man in a sick and twisted turn of events. defines a “Karen” as a “mocking slang term for an entitled, obnoxious, middle-aged white woman.”

The video is rather disturbing and has garnered tens of millions of views over the last few days, with hundreds of thousands of comments — mainly in disgust over the woman and her behavior. The woman clearly is mentally ill or under the influence of some sort of substance, but that most certainly does not give her the right to act in such a manner.

The man starts filming the woman as the blocks him from getting back to his vehicle. The woman is holding a small puppy (not in a very good way) and speaking aggressively to the man. The man asks if that is her dog and she doesn’t respond. The man continues to ask the woman who she is and want she wants, but she continues on her rant — at times, it turns racial.

Eventually, the woman tosses the puppy at the man like some sort of projectile. (Again, warning, because it’s disgusting). The puppy yelps and immediately runs to the stranger and stays at his feet. The man tells the woman to ‘get the f**k out of here’ and he takes the dog in addition to calling the police.

Here is the full video.

The video has caused outrage across the web and for good reason.