Women Wore A ‘Smart Dress’ In Nightclub To Record How Many Times They Got Groped

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A Brazillian advertising agency named Ogilvy created a dress that is full of sensors that will monitor how many times a woman was ‘groped’ while wearing it.

The sensors on the dress also measured the physical pressure men used to confront any accusation that they touched the woman and to prove that the touches were harmless and unintentional.

Three women wore the dress to a nightclub and the results were quite shocking. The women were touched 157 times, without their consent.

The dress was designed to help educate men about consent and about the issue that most of them don’t take seriously enough. It’s called “Dress for Respect”.

Statistics in the United States claim that a whopping 81% of women have experienced some sort of harassment or assault in their lives. Those numbers, need to change.

According to RAINN, ever 98 seconds an American person is assaulted.

Sadly, it takes an experiment such as the ‘dress for respect’ to open societies eyes to an incredibly large and disgusting issue.