10 Most Extravagant Suites in Las Vegas

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For those who appreciate the finer things in life, Las Vegas hotel suites are a place to marvel. Some of the most lavish hotel suites can easily run into tens of thousands of dollars per night are located on the Las Vegas strip. The top 10 most extravagant suites in Las Vegas offer amenities like round-the-clock butler service, private elevators, VIP concierge, in-room spas, and historic art.

Here is a list of 10 hotel suites, based on the analysis by Betway Insider. The rankings are based on the scores the suites received out of the highest possible score of 60. This score is calculated based on a variety of factors, including price per night, the price per square foot, overall area, amenities, decor, the number of bathrooms, airport limousine service, etc.

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1. The Nobu Villa, Caesars Palace

Price per Night: $35,000

Size: 10,300 sq. ft

Score: 48/60

The Nobu Villa is a clear winner when it comes to luxury. The Japanese-style suite offers state of the art amenities and a private elevator for its guests. No wonder its nightly rate is so high.

The suite was designed by David Rockwell and features artwork from prominent artists. You have access to a sauna, media room, massage parlor, and a balcony with jacuzzi.


2. Encore Three Bedroom Duplex, Ecore

Price per Night: $4,840

Size: 5,829 sq. ft

Score: 45/60

The Encore Three Bedroom Duplex at Encore is by far the best value hotel suite amongst the luxury-class suites. For this price, you get services like a private butler, private elevator, stocked minibar, wet bar, and a separate room with a pool table.

It features four bathrooms with a hot tub and massage service provided right in your suite. The living area has two giant floor-to-ceiling mirrored walls that make the 5,829 sq. ft space looks even bigger.


3. Presidential Suite, The Palazzo

Price per Night: $25,000

Size: 6,651 sq. ft

Score: 43/60

When you stay in a suite like the Presidential Suite at The Palazzo, you would hardly want to get out. Anything and everything you could imagine is at your disposal. From the workout room to the massage room, there are plenty of facilities within the suite itself.

The amenities in this price include VIP check-in, VIP concierge, 24-hour butler, and airport limo service. The bedroom decor is classic high-quality meets the contemporary aesthetic.


4. Skylofts Three Bedroom, MGM Grand

Price per Night: $10,000

Size: 6,000 sq. ft

Score: 40/60

When we talk about hotels in the sin city, MGM Grand cannot be forgotten. It’s almost synonymous with the Las Vegas opulence. Its Skylofts Three Bedroom suite offers the best of the best services and amenities.

The massive 6000 sq. ft suite features two King beds and two Queen beds. The bathrooms feature Infinity Edge Spa Tub and heated towel racks. If you like a touch of personalization in everything, this suite with personalized stationery, elevator escorts, and a concierge is for you.


5. Encore Three Bedroom Duplex, Wynn

Price per Night: $8,000

Size: 5,829 sq. ft

Score: 34/60

Wynn Las Vegas offers some of the best views of Las Vegas. With a massive 75-inch television, the suite offers excellent entertainment. You have your own exercise room, massage room, and billiard room.


6. The Chelsea Penthouse, The Cosmopolitan

Price per Night: $5,500

Size: 3,700 sq. ft

Score: 33/60

If you’re someone that values aesthetics the most when staying at hotels, the Chelsea Penthouse will have you thrilled. The suite offers panoramic views high above the city. With hand-woven fabrics and one of a kind art pieces, this suite goes above and beyond to please your senses.


7. Napoleon Suite, Paris

Price per Night: $4,000

Size: 3,400 sq. ft

Score: 33/60

In terms of the art, the Napolean Suite is one of the top three luxury suites in Las Vegas. It only makes sense to have art as the central theme in a space inspired by the French culture. Unlike most two or three-bedroom suites, the Napolean offers five bathrooms.


8. Sky Suites Two Bedroom Sky Villa, CityCenter Aria

Price per Night: $3,500

Size: 3,370 sq. ft

Score: 27/60

The CityCenter project is the largest private construction project in the US. The mega-complex is home to some of the best hotels on the Las Vegas strip. The Sky Suites at Aria easily take the prize of most extravagant suite in the CityCentre.


9. PH Bay Suite, Planet Hollywood

Price per Night: $2,500

Size: 2,600 sq. ft

Score: 25/60

The PH Bay Suite at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino is best for wedding parties and family reunions. It offers a spacious seating area in the dining area, complete with a huge television. You also get office space and airport limo service in this rather decent price tag.


10. The Cromwell Suite, The Cromwell

Price per Night: $2,179

Size: 1,730 sq. ft

Score: 25/60

Rounding off the list of top 10 most extravagant suites in Las Vegas is the Cromwell Suite. Minutes away from the Forum Shops, the hotel is home to the restaurant Giada from Emmy-winning chef, Giada de Laurentiis.