Where and When Do These Animals Sleep?

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Have you ever wondered where wild animals sleep and when they sleep? If so, you are in luck because we are going to break it down for you in this article.

Mammals, birds, amphibians, fish, reptiles and even insects all need their rest daily, some more than others.

Some animals such as koala bears sleep a ton, nearly 22 hours per day. Cats such as house cats and wild large cats sleep almost 15 hours each day.

Male lions are incredibly lazy, sleeping almost 20 hours per day. Female lions are the prides big time hunters and even though they are out hunting, they still manage to get in 15 hours of sleep each day.

A walrus‘ sleep pattern is all over the place. They go from zero sleep to sleeping 19 hours in a day. They can actually go roughly 85 hours without sleep and this is why they can easily crash for 19 hours when sleep is needed.

Worker ants don’t sleep for long periods of times, rather they sleep in about 250 little power naps each day, totally 5 hours of sleep. Imagine if humans did this…I’m not sure how productive we would be!

Now speaking of humans, when it comes to infants, newborns can sleep roughly 17 hours each day, but that total is broken down into 3 hours periods typically.

Dogs typically sleep at night and will get a full 10 hours of sleep, but they will also take a few power naps throughout the day.

Dolphins sleep 8 hours each day, but they must sleep underwater, so it gets tricky. They sleep underwater by essentially shutting off half of their brain to get rest. One half of the brain will rest while the other will make sure that they make it to the surface of the water every two hours to breathe.

Squirrels will sleep 15 hours or so each day. Most of this sleep is at night as they are most active during the day.

Horses sleep for three hours a day on average and most of the time that is while they are standing on their feet. Horses will lay down when they are in a deep REM sleep though.