Dramatic Video Captures SpaceX Explosion At Cape Canaveral

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Dramatic footage of the moment that a SpaceX rocket exploded at a launch pad in Florida has surfaced.

The video, which was filmed by USLaunchReport and provided to ABC News, shows the doomed SpaceX Falcon rocket during the ill-fated fueling process.

All appears normal with the rocket, upright and connected to various ground infrastructure, before an explosion flashes from the top-third of the rocket, sending a ball of fire outward and raining flames down onto the tarmac.

In the first few seconds, the fireball explodes upward like a mushroom cloud while streams of fire shoot out from below. Then all hell breaks loose.

The SpaceX rocket was also carrying Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg’s satellite, estimated to cost roughly $95 million to build. The satellite was going to be launched into space and provide connectivity service for the entire continent like never seen before.

In a message posted on Facebook earlier, Zuckerburg stated he was ‘deeply disappointed’ to learn about his satellite going up in flames.

What’s $95 million right? Pocket change.

(via – ABC News)

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