7 Unique Accessories To Upgrade Your Style

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Fashion Gone Rogue

As fashion evolves, trends don’t stick around for long; they will come and go. What stays stagnant, though, is the use of various accessories to put the “cherry on top” of what you wear. Accessories can make or break an outfit. Knowing what to wear can improve your attire. Read on to discover various accessories, new and old, to upgrade your personal style.

1. Rings

You can never go wrong with rings on your hands. Rings are the most popular option for accessorizing the hands. Casual jewels and fancy engagement or wedding rings are only a few options to choose from. Rings also come in a variety of styles for every personality and preference, such as a heart shaped diamond or a white gold band. To find your ring measurements before splurging, take a small string and wrap it around your finger, then measure that length in millimeters.

2. Sunglasses

They’re not just shields from the sun; sunglasses serve multiple purposes for any person. A pair can function as a makeshift headband to push hair back or just keep them off your eyes. They can even serve as the rare pop of color for a monochrome outfit. When shopping for sunglasses, aim for pairs that complement your face shape and, ideally, pairs you can wear with anything.

3. Henna Tattoos

If you’re looking for a temporary solution for jazzing up your hands, henna could be your best option. Henna is a natural dye used to change one’s hair color, but it is admired by women of all ages for its use in creating temporary body art. One can get these unique tattoos done professionally at an event or a tattoo studio, or they can do it themselves at home with a henna kit. Black henna is highly toxic and can leave permanent scarring on your body, so opt for natural henna instead.

4. Nails

Fashion designer Prabal Gurung said it best: “Nails are the period at the end of a sentence. They complete the look.” There are countless quotes to describe the significance of the manicure to one’s outfit, and rightfully so. The possibilities are endless with how one can decorate their nails. A professional manicure can be the ultimate statement piece, but doing your own nails can have the same effect. You can also try press-on nails for a fresh look in minutes.

5. Hand Lotion

While it is not technically a physical thing you can wear, hand lotion works wonders for nourishing the skin. You might work long hours doing laborious tasks, or you might do the opposite. It doesn’t matter how much physical work you do with your hands; they need moisture and care to keep them soft and agile. Typical body lotion can be effective, but for maximum effectiveness, opt for a specialized hand lotion that targets dryness.

6. Perfume

It’s seen as the fashion accessory you can’t touch, but you can smell on your body. Perfume has existed for many years and it won’t be going out of style anytime soon. It’s the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, and the notes work together with the skin to emit a fragrance that delights the senses. Any perfume will have a nuanced scent on everyone, so experiment and see which ones you enjoy best. There are hypoallergenic and organic options for those who can’t wear regular perfume because of allergies or irritation.

7. Headscarves

Nothing says versatile like the headscarf. If you buy one of these and wear them each day, it feels like wearing a brand new outfit each time. There are various tutorials across the internet that show how to tie them and rock them with your everyday looks. When you’re not wearing it, you can keep it in your bag and use it when the moment arises.

Accessories are abundant, and the ways you can style them are also abundant. They offer a world of possibilities with each outfit you wear.